The Mall That’s Tearing Down Retail Space

The courtyard at the Roosevelt Collection

The courtyard at the Roosevelt Collection

If you’re the kind of person who hates crowds, you may have already discovered the large, yet virtually empty, mall and residential complex called the Roosevelt Collection (West Roosevelt Road).

There’s little reason to go there other than to see blockbuster movies and have the auditorium to yourself.

In spite of the superior movie-going experience, other retail shops have failed to materialize.  Lots of people have lots of theories about why.  But the new owners are doing something different: They’re reducing the number of vacant storefronts by reducing the number of stores.

The center row of buildings that you see in the photograph above will be razed and replaced with green space.

It’s not a bad idea.  Especially at a place that bills itself as a live-eat-play destination, having that massive driveway out front made it less than inviting.  And when your occupancy rate is 0%, you have nothing to lose.

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