Slice of Life: Eating and Drinking


It’s not much to look at.  It only has one table for seating.  It has holes in the floor.  The building leans at alarming angles.  But as far as I’m concerned, Eat and Drink, in the parking lot at 212 West Randolph Street, is the best Chinese food in Chicago.  It’s New York-style, not Midwest style.

A very close second place goes to 65 Restaurant at 336 North Michigan Avenue.  Its Singapore noodles are really good (though I’ve never seen Singapore noodles in Singapore; they’re all about “chili crab”).  The Chinese food is very very close to what is served in Macau.

ObArchitecture: Great food doesn’t need a great building.  Some of the best meals I’ve had were in crapholes.  This building is terrible.  It was built in 1974, if you use a fairly liberal definition of “built.”


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