Another Long-Abanoned Church


Former church at 1046 West Polk Street

You don’t have to walk very far in most Chicago neighborhoods before you come across a neighborhood church.  And you don’t have to walk much farther to come across an abandoned, or former church.

From Saint Dominick’s near Cabrini Green to the dozens of storefront and other Baptist churches on the city’s South Side, there are hundreds of churches in Chicago that have been either abandoned or repurposed over the years.

This one is at 1046 West Polk Street.  It’s a cute little church on a quiet corner in Little Italy.  

We haven’t been able to dig up any history on it, so we started asking the neighbors.  One person in his mid-50’s who’s lived in the neighborhood since he was a kid says his mother told him that it was abandoned way back in the 1930’s, and he doesn’t remember it ever having a congregation.

Remarkably, much of the stained glass remains in tact.  Neighbors also say, and internet real estate web sites confirm, that there are plans to convert the church into two residential spaces.  

I’d think a decorator would be obligated to find a disused altar for the new residents’ dining table.


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