A Hubbard Habitat

Drawing of the Habitat Tower at 360 West Hubbard Street

Last week we mentioned briefly that construction was going to begin on the Habitat Tower (360 West Hubbard Street) in the next few weeks.  That got us plenty of e-mail asking for more information about the building.

In a nutshell: “For people who like Kingsbury Plaza, this is the sort of thing they will like.”

Here some of the details we scraped together about it:

  • Developer: The Habitat Company
  • Address: 360 West Hubbard Street
  • Stories: 43 + one mechanical floor + one penthouse machine room
  • Height to main roof: 438 feet, 7½ inches
  • Total height: 449 feet, four inches
  • Apartments: 450
  • Parking spaces: 520
  • Bicycle spaces: 260
  • Storage lockers: 451
  • Eight-story parking garage topped with pool and private park.
  • Leasing and management offices on the second floor.
  • Shape: Oval, oriented northwest to southeast
  • Driveway will go under the southern portion of the building.
  • Kingsbury Street in front of the East Bank Club to be significantly improved.  Sidewalk widened, trees and planters installed.
  • Two fountains outside
  • Loading docks: Two + one for trash, all on West Illinois Street
  • Public dog run on West Illinois Street
  • Ninth floor amenities: Fitness room, yoga studio, club room, media room, conference room, kitchen/bar area, multi-purpose room, lounge, steam room, sauna, whirlpool, pool.
  • LEED Silver
  • 60% of the parcel will be built on.  40% parkland.
  • The pool doesn’t look like it’s a real pool, just one of those splashy ponds like at The Shoreham and other buildings that spare every expense to mark “pool” off on a features checklist.

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