City Fixes the Affront on the Lakefront

Several years after the City of Chicago decided to cut off the heart of Grant Park from Lake Michigan, it’s spending $125,000 to fix the affront.

Work started today on a new pedestrian crossing that will link Buckingham Fountain with Queen’s Landing.

CDOT installed fencing, bollards, and chains to keep people from following their instincts, and the park’s paths, and crossing Lake Shore Drive to get close to the water.  The result was thousands of tourists, locals, and other generally confused people going all Frogger across ten lanes of traffic.

CDOT commissioner Gabe Klein said, “Despite the current deterrents, people continue to put themselves at risk by crossing Lake Shore Drive at what feels like a logical crossing instead of walking to Jackson Drive or Balbo Avenue.”

It may feel “logical” because that area was a crosswalk for 17 years before it was taken away in 2005 so as not to inconvenience cars in the heart of the city.

Queen’s Landing got its name because this was the location where Queen Elizabeth II arrived in Chicago on the royal yacht in 1959.

The crosswalk will be ready in a couple of weeks — just in time for Thanksgiving. 

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