Golub on Grand Generally Gets Grins

Drawing of 410 East Grand

The revised plan for turning 410 East Grand Avenue from a surface parking lot into a residential tower is going over all warm and fuzzy with a surprising number of Streeterville residents.

At a public meeting last week, the more active residents of the area seemed pretty pleased with the changes that Golub made to the original plan.  The new residential tower is taller and thinner than the previous proposal. Also, a 10-story building with 87 homes for low income Chicagoans has been eliminated and replaced with a small office building.

People also seemed pleased with the new glass facade, which will be far more blue than many of the neighboring buildings, some of which are already startling in their blueness.

Drawing of 410 East GrandThe one point of contention was, not surprisingly, sight lines.  Some people still can’t wrap their brains around city living, and believe that their uninterrupted vistas will remain uninterrupted in perpetuity.  It never occurs to them that maybe the building they live in is blocking someone else’s view, too.  It’s just part of living in a city — we all block each other’s views.

Alderman Fioretti put it best recently when he reminded people on the west side that the Illinois Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that people do not have a legally protected right to a view.  Or as a Bridgeport friend of mine puts it, “Ya wanna view?  Go to McHenry [County]!”

That’s not to say that Golub has turned a deaf ear to those who have this concern.  The notion of moving the tower has been explored, but there’s no place on the property available where it won’t cause even more impact to more buildings.  One person expressed the opinion that the 45-story tower should be moved to the eastern extremity of the block, ignoring the fact that there is already a residential tower as well as a parking garage with a pool and tennis court in that location.

As it is now, the residential tower is on the northeast corner of East Grand Avenue and North McClurg Court.  That puts it 205 feet away from the tower portion of 400 East Ohio Street, 200 feet away from the tower at the River East Center (350 East Illinois Street), and 215 feet away from the tower at Parkview West (505 North McClurg Court).  The building it is closest to is Golub’s own Streeter Place, just across the street at 355 East Ohio.  It’s 110 feet away that one.

Unlike Streeter Place, however, Golub is not building a pocket park in this development.  The only concession that 410 East Grand will make to the public is an unusually wide sidewalk at McClurg and Ohio, and the strightening out and widening of McClurg Court, which has a weird angle on this block.

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