Mysterious Escada Quietly Constructs



Escada Construction on Oak Street

Unlike other stores in Chicago’s biggest shopping district, Escada’s move from the Magnificent Mile to Oak Street has been a very private affair.  In ditching its corner store on Michigan and Chestnut to pick up the former Yves Saint Laurent space at 51 East Oak Street  it completely covered the windows and doors so that no one can see what’s going on inside.

We hear progress is being made, but no one will say how much.  The demise of the YSL in this location was very strange, indeed, when it happened.  Employees at first stated it closed for a private function.  Then it was closed just for a week for renovation.  Then a month.  Then it was to be reborn with the flagship Paris design.  Then the “for lease” signs went up, and we knew that the shopgirls had been lying to us all along.  I’d boycott the store, but the store has already boycotted Chicago.


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