Building Out a Bucktown Landmark

Construction at the Noel State Bank Building

We have a new spy on board.  It’s Bucktown Spy, and he’s sent us a photograph of the construction now going on at the former Noel State Bank Building (1601 North Milwaukee Avenue – You may know it as the Midwest Bank Building).  

It’s a beautiful building inside and out, and we can see there’s scaffolding up to the ceiling right now.  Hopefully that ceiling will be restored and visible, and not just hidden behind a drop ceiling when it becomes a Walgreen’s.  

Walgreen’s did a very good job preserving the historic character of the existing building its newest Duane Reade store at 40 Wall Street in New York.  With any luck, the suburban drug store company has figured out that people like architecture, and it will keep those hanging hexagons for all to see.

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