Briefly: New Loop Hotel, New Streeterville Tower, New River North Bar

The London Guarantee and Accident Building

The London Guarantee and Accident Building

  • The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the historic London Guarantee Building (360 North Michigan Avenue) may become a hotel.  A similar plan was floated in 2004.
  • The same Sun-Times article notes that the hotel planned for 330 North Wabash, formerly known as IBM Plaza, will open next year.  WeArchitects who work in the building have told us in no uncertain terms that the hotel project is dead.  We’ll see who’s right when 2013 comes around.
  • Crain’s Chicago Business reports there will be one fewer surface parking lot in River North soon.  Plans are underway to bring a slightly subdued version of Phoenix’s American Junkie bar to 15 West Illinois Street.  The version currently operating in Arizona would likely be a little over-the-top for the increasingly residential area of River North.  If you can’t quite place the location, it’s the parking lot with the attendant shack that leans at a precarious angle.
  • Curbed Chicago notes that Solomon Cordwell Buenz has come up with a new design for a new tower between the AMC Theaters and the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers (301 East North Water Street) in Streeterville. Before the economy went all pear shaped, this was going to be the location of a 107-story tower anchored by a Waldorf=Astoria hotel.  The W=A brand will soon be on what is now the Elysian Hotel (11 East Walton Street) in the Gold Coast.  The new tower for Streeterville is anticipated to be a mere 50 stories tall.

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