Flagship Walgreens Almost Ready To Dock

Flagship Walgreens

You can feel it in your bones as you walk through The Loop — Like a spring mushroom, a new Walgreen’s is about to burst to life on State Street.

Flagship WalgreensBoth our Gold Coast Spy, and one of our Loop spies sent in photos in the last few days of last-minute preparations for the new Walgreens at the corner of State and Randolph.  There was much discussion about it on the intarwebs after our November update on the store. We noted that just a few years after a double-decker Walgreens was knocked down to make way for the Joffrey Tower, another double-decker Walgreens will sit in the same space.

We still haven’t heard of an official opening date, but it’s supposed to be this month.  If you want to know when it’s imminent, keep an eye out for a row of vagrants lined up for their turn at prime cup-shaking real estate, like some kind of malodorous Apple Store grand opening.

UPDATED: January 9, 2012

One of our readers wrote in to let us know that the official opening is tomorrow (January 10th, 2012) at 10:00am.

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