Slice of Life: The Benefits of Looking Up

Downtown Chicago

On gray winter mornings, most people downtown rarely take their eyes off the sidewalk as they trudge to the office. Yet just a simple glance up at the towering skyscrapers can infuse some beauty and inspiration into the day.

I captured this photo walking across Federal Plaza. The overcast sky made these buildings look sober and solemn giving them the gravitas of old statesmen. Indeed these noble towers have stood watch over the city for decades and their wisdom is visible on their facades.

So take a glance skyward once in a while won’t you? Realize what great company you are in! And have a smile on your face even before you grab that morning coffee.


Author: Paul Kulon

Paul Kulon is a Chicagoan and blogger. You can see more of Paul’s photos and musings on his Tumblr feed, Bohemian Embassy

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