Briefly: Rail Rage, Madison’s Century

  • Amtrak has finally decided to invoke its legal rights and go after Canadian National for delaying its trains in and out of Chicago.  According to WGN-TV, between Chicago Union Station and Joliet, freight trains delay passenger trains 99% of the time.  By law, Amtrak trains are supposed to get preferential treatment on freight tracks.  Once past Joliet, where the rails are owned by Union Pacific, there isn’t nearly as big a problem.
  • 100 years after it was first proposed, the University of Wisconsin will get its grand entrance in Madison.  New York Times article (may need registration).
  • WBBM reports that one of the buildings of the old Children’s Memorial Hospital has been bought by DePaul University.  It’s the Belden Place Building at 759 West Belden Avenue.

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