Briefly: FLW’s Dog House, Ellis Cities, Cabrini Continues

Peter Ellis New Cities web site

  • Peter Ellis New Cities has launched a new web site at  From the press release: “The new site highlights the firm’s impressive project portfolio, which includes the new Jaypee Sports City, a 5,000 acre new city under construction in the south of New Delhi.”
  • Places as a new, and rather thoughtful, article about Cabrini Green.  It’s long on history, which is useful for those of us who didn’t grow up in Chicago and helps put the things we see today in context.
  • If you’re a photographer of things in Chicago, be careful.  The Red Eye is taking copyrighted photographs off of the internet and using them for its own purposes.  Even photos that are clearly watermarked with copyright information.  If someone else were to “borrow” a photograph from Red Eye’s parent, Tribune Company, you know its lawyers would be on him like Rosie O’Donnell on a Drakes Cake.  We’ve started filing DMCA complaints to maybe get our point across.
  • Did you know that Frank Lloyd Wright designed a dog house?  It’s touring the nation, and will be in Springfield in March.
  • Jacques Brownson, the architect behind the Daley Center (55 West Randolph Stree), died this week.  The Chicago Tribune has the story.
  • 150 North Michigan Avenue, commonly known as the Smurfit-Stone Building, or Associates Center, is getting a new name.  Next week it will become the Crain Communications Building as the publisher moves down the street from its current home at the London Guarantee and Accident Building (360 North Michigan Avenue).
  • The final two towers of the Presidential Towers complex (555 West Madison Street) may finally go up at 645 West Monroe Street, though they won’t be constructed by PT’s current owners.  Instead, the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the preliminary steps have been taken by developer Philip Mappa to get a new residential tower built on the site. Back in the 80’s, the surface parking lot was supposed to get two 49-story towers.  Later, that was changed to a single 50-story office tower.  Now it looks like Mappa is thinking residential again.
  • The Sun-Times also tells us that the former Comfort Inn and Suites (15 East Ohio Street) is going to reopen as Acme Hotel, under the ownership of the same people behind the Hotel Dana .
  • The Trib notes that Oak Park has expanded the boundaries of the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District, adding exactly zero Frank Lloyd Wright homes, and 444 other people’s homes.

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