New Skyscraper for Streeterville

One of Streeterville’s most visible vacant lots could finally be filled.  A developer called New Water Park wants to build a huge 670-foot-tall tower at 435 North Park Drive.

If that address sounds familiar, it’s because this was formerly the location where a 107-story Waldorf=Astoria hotel was going to be built back in 2007, before the economy ate itself.  That building was going to be 1,265 feet tall.  This new proposal is only half that, but if built will still have a huge visual impact on the area.

465 North Park Drive

This is a photograph of the property we posted back in 2009.  It looks pretty much the same today.  The segment in the front (465 North Park Drive), surrounded by blue tarp fencing, was where a 57-story residential tower was going to be built.  The photograph was taken shortly after remediation work was completed to remove radioactive thorium from the soil left over by the old Lindsay Light factory, but the tower was never built.

The segment in the back, with the cars, is where the new combination hotel and residential tower will be erected.  The developer is asking the city to allow 400 hotel rooms, and 398 residences.  Here are the details:

  • Developer: New Water Park, LLC
  • Architect: Solomon Cordwell Buenz
  • Address: 320 East Upper North Water Street
  • Address: 435 North Park Drive
  • Address: 432 North New Street
  • Property size: 68,385 square feet
  • Green roof
  • Hotel rooms: 400
  • Residences: 398
  • Residential parking: 219 spaces
  • Hotel parking: 11 spaces
  • Bicycle parking: 50 spaces
  • Podium height: 30 feet
  • Height to roof: 625 feet
  • Maximum height: 670 feet
  • Hotel loading docks: 2
  • Residential loading docks: 2
  • Main hotel entrance: North Park Drive
  • Residential entrance: Upper East North Water Street
  • Building tower will be on the North New Street side, next to City Front Place, and the City View Condominiums; but away from Ogden Plaza.

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