Wierzobowski: Drawing Isn’t Dead

Petit Carrousal by Steve Wierzbowski

Petit Carrousal by Steve Wierzbowski

Chances are there isn’t an architect alive who didn’t spend his or her formative years with a sketchpad.  But as our mechanized society intrudes more and more on the architectural studio, some are starting to worry that the art of architectural drawing is going to become a thing of the past.

Steve Wierzbowski, with MekusTanager has decided to put his pencil where his mouth is, and is exhibiting his sketches in an art show the South Loop.  Here are the important details:

  • Free
  • Open to the public
  • The Framing Mode & Gallery – 1526 South Wabash Avenue
The full press release follows this short gallery of Mr. Wierzobowski’s work:


Yale School of Architecture Symposium Asks: “Is Drawing Dead?”  Local Architect Thinks Not; Puts His Sketches On Display 

Once an architect’s most prized tool, to many, the hand drawn sketch has since become somewhat of a novelty.  While some fear that hand rendering will be lost to the advances of digital design, local architect Steve Wierzbowski, of Mekus Tanager, thinks otherwise.  “Sketches are vivid reminders of the lessons I’ve learned,” he says.  “They allow you to decipher a building and reveal its inner secrets.”

Mr. Wierzbowski’s sketches will be showcased in the upcoming gallery show titled: “Monument: Sketch Studies of Great Architecture in Europe and America.”  The collection explores the use of sketch, and declares the art form very much alive.  The Framing Mode & Gallery will debut the show on March 31, with an opening reception held from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.  The event is free and open to the public. The show will run through May 12, 2012.

Mr. Wierzbowski has truly been at the forefront of computer aided drafting and seen the development of digital design first hand. He studied Computer Sciences in the early 1970’s, and worked for the Programming Division at SOM from 1975 to 76.  While a huge admirer of architectural photography and digital rendering, his greatest pleasure in 35 years of teaching and practice has been traveling the world sketching everything from the great monuments of Europe to modest road side dwellings.  He has been a principal with MekusTanager since June 2008. 

The Framing Mode & Gallery
1526 S. Wabash
Chicago, IL 60605



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