New Park at Union & Wayman in Chicago’s Fulton River District

Drawing of Trio Park

Chicago’s perpetually under-parked urban core is getting another patch of greenspace.

Trio Park (702 West Wayman Street), next to the building of the same name (670 West Wayman Street), has been in the works for years.  In fact, it was promised to the community as part of the zoning that allowed the skyscraper to be built.  After years of waiting, the park is finally going to become a reality.

According to the Fulton River District Association, groundbreaking could happen as soon as August 1, 2012, with completion by the end of September.  If you’re not exactly sure where it is going to be, it’s on the northwest corner of  North Union Avenue and West Wayman Street, next to Hubbard’s Cave.

The park will be paid for, in part, with half a million dollars in money from local developers given to the city to offset the impact of large-scale developments.  As the mayor’s office puts it, “The Near West Side’s Trio Park, planned for a 0.5-acre site at 702 W. Wayman Ave., will be partly financed with $500,000 in Open Space Impact Fees. The funding will help install paths, landscaping and perimeter fencing. Open Space Impact Fees are used to create and enhance open spaces each of the City’s 77 community areas.”

It’s not a huge park by any measure, but every little bit of public space won is welcome in this part of the city.

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