Spare a Warehouse?

We received an e-mail from a student filmmaker last week looking for a warehouse to do some filmmaking.  Since this blog has more readers than most Illinois towns have residents, I thought I’d post his plea here and maybe someone will be able to help him out.

My name is Justin Newcomb, I’m a senior at Columbia College Chicago working with several seasoned filmmakers.  I’m in need of an older warehouse space.  I came across your info while looking for locations.  I thought what great people to ask.  I’m looking for an older warehouse dilapidated preferably with some form of older machinery.  We would want to film on the first level.  The most important features is a larger workable ornate door everything else is workable. If you KNOW of any near Chicago I would be greatly appreciative for the lead.
We are looking to do a test shoot by the 29th of April.  One day, 10 hours, 10 passionate filmmakers, a couple of generators and an amazing idea. Safety would always be my number one concern.  I was in 1/37 Armor Tank battalion and safety was a high priority.  I’m industrious and ambitions.  I’m very short on money but maybe we could work out a deal?
THINK ABOUT IT and have a great evening while you do so.  Attached are a couple of examples of our material.
Thank you for your time.
If anyone can help this guy out, shoot me an e-mail at  I’ll reply with his contact information.
SMART. “Meter Maid” from Charles R. A. Newberry on Vimeo.
FORD FIESTA. “Start the Fiesta” from Charles R. A. Newberry on Vimeo.

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