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West Loop Target


West Loop Target

We swung by the new West Loop Target (1111 West Jackson Boulevard) recently to see how construction is coming along, and construction is coming along nicely.

Rising at the corner of West Jackson and South Aberdeen, it should draw plenty of people in from I-290, while also serving the neighborhood.  Remember, this is a huge, full-size Target.  Not the miniature CityTarget that is scheduled to open July 29th at the Sullivan Center (35 South State Street) in the Loop.

Strangely, though, the big sign at the entrance with the Target logo and “Coming Soon” text has been covered up.  It’s not like it’s some big secret that this building is going to be a Target, and that it’s going to offer quality name-brand merchandise at low low prices.  Perhaps Target is wary of the word “soon.”  The Chicago Journal’s archive shows an original completion date of July, 2012; but someone in the neighborhood told us it’s going to be more like 2013.  We’ll know the truth a month from now.

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