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The second-highest-profile* skyscraper to hit Chicago since Donald Trump planted his flag here seven years ago is about to get started.

River PointThe developers of River Point (444 West Lake Street) are so committed to this project, they’ve already set up a web site touting its features, views, and amenities.  The city approved the project in 2008 and it hasn’t changed all that much, so not a lot of permission is needed before the dirt can turn. But public meetings on the project are being held as a courtesy.

One of those public meetings was announced, rather tersely, by alderman Brendan Reilly with the words, “the announcement of this upcoming construction came on the developer’s timeline, not the Alderman’s.”  It appears the alderman got sandbagged by new mayor Rahm Emmanuel on this one.  His “no more business as usual” mantra apparently extends to construction projects in the wards, which were previously the exclusive fiefdom of the aldermen.  While the change in procedure is probably good for the city in terms of reducing cronyism, it appears to have caught the 42nd ward by surprise.

River PointHere’s the information dump:

  • Site size: 2.55 acres.
  • Developers: Ivanhoe Cambridge, Hines, and Levy.
  • Height: 650 feet
  • Floors: 45 stories
  • Neighborhood: Fulton River District, not the West Loop, no matter what the Tribune says.
  • Floor space: ~900,000 square feet
  • Floor height: 13 feet
  • Floor finished height: 9 feet
  • Column spacing: 30 feet
  • Parking: 200 spaces
  • Oversized stairways intended to be used everyday, not just for emergencies
  • Lobby size: ~7,000 square feet
  • Lobby height: 2.5 stories
  • Park size: 1.5 acres
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