Slice of Life: Six Horse Town

Horses in the Noble Horse  Theater paddock

Don’t let any of your East and West Coast buddies call Chicago a “one-horse town.”  We have photographic proof that this is at least a six-horse town.

The horses in question spend their days munching straw in a paddock at 1367 North Sedgwick Street, in Old Town.  This was posted last week on our Facebook page under “Just when I thought I’d seen everything in this city…”

Like so many people who live in the neighborhood, this is their home because it’s a short commute to work.  The horses belong to the Noble Horse Theater, one of Chicago’s dozens and dozens of neighborhood theaters.  It is likely the only one that uses actual horses in its performances, though it may not be the only one housed in a stable from the 1800’s.  When they’re not performing for an audience, they’re carting tourists around the Gold Coast in carriages.  Nobl

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