CityTarget’s Holey Panels

Target red panel at Sullivan Center

There’s just a little under two months to go until the new CityTarget opens at the Sullivan Center (33 South State Street) in the Loop.

When we first brought you the details of this retail installation in the former Carson Pirie Scott space we mentioned that there woulod be red decorative panels in some of the windows.  The interesting thing about these panels is that they aren’t merely wood or plastic with a pattern on them.  They’re actually red metal with holes drilled into them.  Target’s in-house architect said the reason was to make sure they didn’t fade over time, and to allow more light and views into the store.

An example of one of those types of panels can be seen above.  This isn’t one of the actual panels that will be installed in the store, it’s a test panel that was created to see how it would look and work.

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