Perching A Posh Penthouse Patio on Rush Street

B-supply construction

Work continues on the new Suitsupply store on top of the former Barney’s New York department store on Oak Street.

Here we see a crane lifting panels onto the top of 25 East Oak Street where the Amsterdam-based men’s suitery plans to perch.

Suitsupply is building a 5,500-square foot boutique in what used to be the fourth-floor penthouse of Barney’s before it moved across the street to a new building at 15 East Oak Street in 2009.  The project includes a 3,000 square-foot outdoor terrace garden with free wifi in which its clients can relax.

Right now Suitsupply is only in New York.   The Gold Coast store plus one in DC are its first forays into the rest of America.

Here’s a picture of what the finished project should look like, from B-Outside, the company that is doing the outdoor furniture.

Suitsupply image from B-supply

Suitsupply image from B-supply


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