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Flagship Starbucks

Flagship Starbucks construction

Work is progressing nicely on the new flagship Starbucks store at 1003 North Rush Street.  Back in January the original structure there was torn down so the space could be transformed from a Geneva Seal watch store into an upscale version of the ubiquitous coffee shop chain.

Starbucks is building six flagship stores around the world, and this will be one of them (the others are in New York, Seattle, Seattle again, Los Angeles, and Paris).  Flagship Starbucks constructionRecently the Chicago Sun-Times wrote an article about how some Starbucks stores might start selling booze, something we published about this store more than a year ago.  We’ve previously confirmed that there are Sun-Times reporters who read the Chicago Architecture Blog, but apparently not enough of them.

In the photos you can see the new second-floor balcony that will extend ever-so-slightly over the sidewalk.

As we noted in our story about this store in May of 2011:

…the food is better, the beverages include beer and wine, the furniture and lighting are more upscale, and the entire experience is more for adults unwinding after a hard day at work, not a circus of double-wide baby strollers and babbling tweens.

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