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Burberry Flagship Store

The skin is on the new Burberry flagship store.  You can see the tall vertical shaft in the middle of the Michigan Avenue side that will be display windows in Chicago, and a giant video wall when this design is built in every other city around the world.

Burberry Flagship Store

You can also see how the right side will be all glass looking onto a monumental staircase.

 Burberry Flagship Store


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  1. I have no problem with the store not having a large video wall. Michigan Avenue is a very upscale stretch of Chicago, and that video wall would’ve been entirely out of place. Look at the Apple Store a couple blocks north that needed to adapt from an aluminum skin to a classy sandstone to fit in with the area. Burberry should be lucky that they got their metallic skin as a compromise.

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    • Editor

      That’s not a metallic skin. That’s a radiant barrier — part of the insulation. The skin of the building will be black.

      Apple didn’t change from aluminum to stone to appease Chicago, that was the new standard Apple Store design at the time. Just like the glass tunnel design at North and Clybourne was the standard at the time that went up. Now the standard is all-glass as demonstrated in New York and California.

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