Best. Sign. Ever.

It’s said that when a company can go from using text for its name to just using a symbol, it’s arrived.

Witness Starbucks, which recently dropped its name from its logo, leaving just the siren as its symbol.  And at Starbucks headquarters in Seattle, down the street from our corporate headquarters, a giant siren peeks out of the giant central tower of the old Sears catalog factory where the Starbuckers run the show.

A similar thing is going on  in the West Loop, where an anonymous factory lacks any kind of sign on the front of its building.  Instead it has a big monster.  It’s the home of Big Monster Toys (21 South Racine Avenue).

Big Monster Toys

You’ve probably seen some of Big Monster’s toys in stores or on TV, even if you haven’t heard of Big Monster, itself.  That’s because these are the wizards behind the curtain of the toy industry.  They invent the toys that your children love, and then sell their ideas to the big toy companies for production.

This isn’t a toy blog, so we won’t go into BMT too deeply.  But we love what they’ve done to their building, managing to embrace both anonymity and whimsey at the same time.

Big Monster Toys

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