Lakeshore East Could Get Its Public School After All

There’s been a lot of concern lately in Lakeshore East, the Loop’s fastest-growing sub-neighborhood, about schools.

In an article we published a month ago, we noted that the developers have promised, and the city required, that a public school be built at LSE as far back as 1979.  Residents, realtors, and others have long wondered (sometimes angrily) when or if the school would ever be built.

The reason this came to a head again recently is because that article also noted that a school is finally being built at Lakeshore East, but it’s going to be a private school, not a public school.  We did a follow-up with some more details about GEMS Academy last week.

Now we’ve received word from Richard Ward that the notion of a public school at Lakeshore East is still alive.

He has received personal verbal confirmation from both Alderman Reilly and the people at GEMS that the GEMS school is supplemental to the public school, and does not replace the public school or fulfill its requirement.

Richard Ward is the retired airline pilot and Harbor Point resident who is also the president of the New East Side Association of Residents.  He and his posse played a huge role in stopping the relocation of the Chicago Children’s Museum to Grant Park.  So the chances he’s wrong, or being lied to are pretty close to zero.

This is great news for the many young couples who moved to Lakeshore East, in part, because they were promised that a public elementary school would be built there.


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