Two “Tied” Taverns From Schlitz’s Chicago

We did quite a long article a while back about Southport Lanes (3325 North Southport Avenue) — the neighborhood bar with quite a long and interesting history.

At the time, we noted in the article that this was one of Chicago’s “tied” bars, meaning it was owned by a brewery and operated by independent contractors.  A very similar system still exists today in Britain, but was outlawed in the United States decades ago.

A more famous tied house exists down the street — Schuba’s Tavern at 3159 North Southport Avenue, which was also owned by the Schlitz Brewery.  We took a picture of it at the time we published the Southport Lanes article, but it wasn’t put on the web site because it was beyond the scope of the article.  So, here it is now:

There are less than a dozen “tied” houses remaining in Chicago.  Among the Schlitz survivors:

  • 958 West 69th Street
  • 1801 West Division Street (still a bar)
  • 194 North Oakley Street (still a bar)
  • 2159 West Belmont Avenue (now a Starbucks)
  • 3456 South Western Avenue (now a liquor store)
  • 5120 North Broadway
  • 11314 South Front Avenue (formerly a Schlitz-owned stable)
  • 11400 South Front Avenue (now a brewery)

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