More Hidden Apartment Art

Presidential Towers mural

Earlier this year we showed you a couple of examples of the interesting art hidden away in Chicago’s apartment buildings.

There was the Italian plaza in the lobby of the Chestnut Place Apartments (850 North State Street), and the triptych at 14 West Elm Street.

Now we have the Chicago cityscape on the walls of the loading dock of tower three at Presidential Towers (555 West Madison Street).  The mural is signed “Ron McAllister ’88” and shows scenes of Michigan Avenue.

Unfortunately, this is a working loading dock, so the artwork is often temporarily obscured by boxes, and permanently obscured by electrical conduits and panels.  Also unfortunately, we couldn’t find any information about muralist Ron on the internet other than someone by the same name did a mural in Waukegan in 1999.

Still, it’s enough to help West Loop workers start the day with a smile as they take the shortcut down the back stairs to work.


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