Tartan Up Burberrys New Chicago Flagship Store

 Burberry store

Our Gold Coast spy e-mailed us this picture of the latest progress on the new Burberry flagship store being built at 633 North Michigan Avenue.

The silver insulating skin is now getting some diagonal bands resembling the clothier’s signature check pattern.  Don’t get your hopes up that the building will have an old-school brown Burberry exterior.  The final skin will be black and only subtly checked, which makes sense since these days it’s one way you can spot a fake Burberry.

The company’s current designs are very subdued.  Sometimes almost hidden.  That’s why when you see a Chinese tourist proudly marching down Michigan Avenue with six different kinds of check patterns on, you know they’re all fakes.  (See also: “Universal Versace” in the movie Kamikaze Girls.)

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