Old Lincoln Park Children’s Hospital Redevelopment Gets Slimmer, Lighter

43rd Ward Alderman Michele Smith held a public meeting a little while ago about the massive plan for redeveloping the former Children’s Hospital complex in Lincoln Park.

It’s a hugely complicated project, and hometown architecture firm SOM has put together a PDF explaining what it has in mind.

In essence, it wants to preserve the existing historic buildings (Nellie Black and Kohl’s House, Wilson/Jones Building, Boiler House and Laundry, the Annex Building, the White Elephant building) and the parking garage. The rest of the space will end up as retail podium with an assortment of residential towers.

The towers have been significantly scaled back from earlier proposals. They were wide, massive blocks. Now they’re more modern, slender towers.

Check out the gallery below. ¬†For more information, hit the development’s official web site here, and you can download the big PDF here.

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