Venerable Michigan Avenue Cafe Goes South

The first time I came to Chicago was as a tourist.  And the first place I ate was at the Artist’s Cafe in the Fine Arts Building (412 South Michigan Avenue.)

I tend to stay away from it during the warm weather because it gets mobbed with tourists.  But when a gale off the lake is whipping snow across Grant Park, I’ve been known to duck inside for something to break the chill.

Artist's Cafe in the South Loop

But maybe I won’t have to be just a seasonal patron any more.  A new South Loop Spy e-mailed us a photo of the new Artist’s Cafe opening around the corner from Wabash and Roosevelt in the somewhat tourist-resistant South Loop.  It’s next door to the new Five Guys burger joint, which makes college students from the North Shore wet their pants, but in the grand panoply of hambergerdom is a bit bland.

I checked Sloopin’, the de-facto source for all things retail south of Congress Parkway, and couldn’t find any info.  Artist’s Cafe’s own web site has no mention of the new location, so I shot them an e-mail.  Hopefully we’ll have more information soon.

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