Our First Peek at The Loop’s New Virgin

It’s been almost a year since we first heard that the Virgin Group would convert the dowdy grey Dearborn Bank Building  (203 North Wabash Avenue) into the world’s first Virgin Hotel.  Since then, the tenants have been slowly moving out, and a couple of weeks ago paper went up over the ground floor retail windows.

Then yesterday we were tooling through The Toop and spotted this:

Virgin Hotel - 203 North Wabash

There’s a series of paper signs on the windows, and each paper sign is covered by more paper.  Some curious person tore off one of the cover sheets and revealed that, indeed, it looks like the scaffolding that’s gone up isn’t a ruse, serious construction is about to begin.  The anticipated opening is Autumn of 2013.

This, combined with the residential tower and office building going up across the street at 73 East Lake Street, and the 90-degree turn that the L trains made here must make this the noisiest place in Chicago.

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