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Renovating Wrigley

Renovation of the Wrigley Building

Our Gold Coast Spy e-mailed today with a photograph of the ongoing renovation of the magnificent and historic Wrigley Building (400 North Michigan Avenue) on the Near North Side.

In 2010 the plaza between the main building and its annex was renovated, removing the low, obstructionist planters and making it an open space, but it was never attractive either way.

Now as construction marches on, the gallery running between the two buildings has been fenced off, and the latticework that made up the walkway’s double-height has been removed.

The renovations come just a few months after the building was sold for $33 million.  Wrigley, itself, is moving out to Goose Island, leaving the building more than half empty.  So the sprucing up, designed by Goettsch Partners, will go a long way toward attracting new companies and the premium rents that can be charged for this location.

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