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The Maxwell

The Maxwell

The old warehouses are gone, and the foundations are being prepared for The Maxwell, the new mixed-use development coming to the South Loop.

If you’re having a hard time placing it, it’s across Canal Street from the South Loop Whole Foods, and down the street from the Roosevelt Collection.  There’s been a lot of talk lately about this becoming the next Clybourn Corridor as more and more people move into the South Loop, eastern Pilsen, and northern Bridgeport/Chinatown.

The MaxwellThe Maxwell will bring in even more people, with 370 homes above 200,000 square feet of retail space.  Though the Roosevelt Collection has been very publicly struggling with its retail situation, across the river near the location of The Maxwell, things appear to be booming.  The Bond Company estimates that more than 665,000 people work within two miles of  this location during the day.

Retail space should start coming online by Autumn of 2013.

Our friends down at Sloopin got this tip back in June:

She then sat down with a colleague and one other person (who I take to be a developer) for a discussion about the development. The developer guy began rattling off a list of interested parties as well as those who had signed on and I was able to overhear a handful… They included Banana Republic Outlet, Ulta 3, Chick Fil-a, Container Store, Ross, Pier 1, Dicks Sporting Goods, REI and Butcher Burger.

Here’s hoping!

The Maxwell

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