Freebie Alert: Best of Chicago and Hong Kong

Hong Kong skyline

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since Cathay Pacific started non-stop flights between Chicago and Hong Kong.

Before CX got in the game, every time I went to Hong Kong I had to take United and change planes in Tokyo.  On-time performance was non-existant.  Once I had to cool my jets in the Hong Kong airport for 11 hours waiting for a United flight.  We arrived in Tokyo so late that the connecting flight was long gone, and the airport was closed.  As much as I enjoy being a Chicago booster, United leaves little of which to be hometown proud.

Meanwhile, Cathay Pacific is so proud of its first year flying to Chicago that it’s enlisted Lonely Planet to put together a free guide to the best things in Chicago and Hong Kong.

The best place for lunch on the go in Chicago is Xoco.  The best takeaway in Hong Kong is Lan Fong Yuen.

There are similar pairings in categories like “Best place for a quick cultural insight” and “Most atmospheric bar.”

The brochure is available at a free PDF you can download by clicking here.  And while this may sound like one of those sponsored posts you’ve seen around the interweb a lot lately, it isn’t.  I’m just a big fan of both Hong Kong and Cathay Pacific.

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