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Flagship Starbucks

Flagship Starbucks at 1003 North Rush Street

The new flagship Starbucks store at 1003 North Rush Street in the Gold Coast is taking shape.

You can see the two balconies that will hang over the public sidewalk.  Neighbors complained about this encroachment into the public right-of-way when the design was introduced, but Starbucks assured them it wouldn’t be that big a deal.  The ‘bucks guy appears to have been right.  The balconies don’t impose any more than the signs hanging off neighboring buildings.

Construction of the new Starbucks has been disruptive for the neighbors, but they’ll have their revenge.  As we noted earlier today, the building at 1007 North Rush Street is going to go through the same tear-down and rebuild that 1003 did, so the new coffee shop will get a taste of its own medicine.

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