Slice of Life: Film on the Chicago River

Chicago River film crew

You can’t swing a boom mic in this town without hitting a film crew these days.  Just in the last week or so I’ve seen six different productions being shot around town.  Usually I post the pictures to our Facebook page or Twitter feed, so if you’re on those you may have seen them.

I’ve seen dozens of helicopters filming, chase trucks in The Loop, even one car commercial that had a stretch of street in River North re-paved to make its commercial look better.  But this is the first time I’ve seen anyone filming on the Chicago River.

The pictures were sent in by our Gold Coast Spy (who’s been kind of quiet lately), and was taken Monday morning (September 30th).  It looks like the boats are cruising down the river in front of the Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Tower (301 East North Water Street).

You can see a boat with a camera on some kind of massive Steadycam-style rig hanging over the water.  Maybe it’s related to all the very-low-altitude fly-bys we’ve had over the river with a film helicopter lately.

Chicago River film crew

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