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Burberry Flagship Goes All Glassy on Michigan Avenue

Flagship Burberry Store

After a year of anticipation, we’re finally seeing the glass panels that will be the final skin on the new flagship Burberry Store at 633 North Michigan Avenue.

Most of the black glass pieces are in place, with the accent stripes soon to follow.  The vertical channel of showcase windows down the front of the building is also taking shape.  Are those shiny metal platforms a temporary or permanent fixture?  We’ll find out soon since the official opening date for the new Burberry store is November 2, 2012.

Oh, and if you’re waiting for the Niketown renovation down the street to finally finish, that’s going to reopen November 22nd, 2012.

Flagship Burberry Store

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  1. Those square trusses are supports for the scaffolding that’s probably being used to install the glass panels. Those will be gone when the upper facade work is complete. On a related note, whatever happened to that proposal to bring LED screens, like the one that was denied here, to Michigan Avenue? I like it the way it is, and this is coming from a young adult who normally is all for technology and screens.

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    • Editor

      Actually those squares and rectangles are part of the facade. They will hold the glass that compliments the glass already applied to the surface. The scaffolding is supported directly by the building, you can see it is bolted through missing panels into the brown substructure.

      The last I heard, LED screen proposal is still alive, and working its way through the proper committees. I wouldn’t expect to see anything before Christmas.

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