Wraps Start To Come Off, Revealing Burberry Store’s Shiny Surprises

Burberry Store

The new Burberry flagship store at 633 North Michigan Avenue is less than a month away from opening, and we’re starting to see it shine.

Today construction crews peeled off some of the protective white plastic strips that have been shrouding the building’s check pattern and revealed two interesting things: First, it turns out that the stripes that accent the facade’s shiny black panels aren’t brown or grey or something dreary — they’re chrome.  And bright, shiny, glittering chrome at that.  The second surprise is visible under those stripes — strips of LED lights, bright enough to be seen in daylight  that must make the building absolutely twinkle at night.  We can’t wait for the whole facade to be unveiled to see it all lit up in darkness.

Ken over at Photokenesis e-mailed us a picture of the newly stripped-off shiny spandrels reflecting the Art Deco goodness of 116 East Ontario across Michigan Avenue.

Burberry Store

And here you can see our pictures.  Notice the white strips of LED lights below the chrome accents.

Burberry Store

Through an unexpected circumstance, we got a glimpse inside the main entrance of the new flagship Burberry store, and it looks like it has a long way to go.  When we asked a Burberry employee if he thought the current November 2nd opening date was realistic, and he gave us a grunt of disbelief.

Outside, the scaffolding has been scaled back and work has begun on the sidewalk planters, which traditionally have been planted in Burberry’s trademark check pattern.  The company has less than two weeks left on some of its construction permits, so there’s no time to waste.

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