First Pictures Inside Chicago’s Flagship Burberry Store

Chicago’s new flagship Burberry store (633 North Michigan Avenue) is just days away from opening, and people seem to be genuinely excited about the building.

With the scaffolding and most of the protective plastic removed, the stainless steel square absolutely shimmers over Michigan Avenue.  Knots of tourists have been clogging the sidewalks staring, and we’ve received several pictures from locals who are infatuated with the design.

We appreciate all the photos everyone has sent in, and a pair that arrived today really caught our eye.  They’re from inside the as-yet-unfinished building.

Burberry Flagship Store

One photo shows the showcase staircase.  Burberry is using glass panels in place of balusters, and the railings themselves have not yet been installed.  Presumably they’ll be some kind of shiny metal to match the rest of the store.  We also hear that the wooden steps pictured will be covered with marble before the store’s opening on Friday, November 2nd.

Burberry Flagship StoreAnother photo shows that the building is being filled with stock already, and the niches are decorated in the same Burberry check pattern used in the exterior facade.

Even though Burberry is going from a two-story building to a 25,000-square-foot, five-story building, word on the street is that it is anything but spacious inside.  Even with 15,000 square feet of selling space, it’s been described as “cramped” inside.  We’ll have to see for ourselves later this week.


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