It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas, 2012 – Part 2

Macy's on State Christmas Decorations

The Herald Angels’ trumpets are once again lining State Street as Marshall Field’s traditional Christmas decorations are put up for the holiday season.  Of course, now they are badged with “Macy’s,” but in the photo you can still see the historic Marshall Field and Company sign on the Randolph Street corner of the building.

For a quick trip back in time, rent/Netflix the movie Christmas Vacation.  This is the store where Chevy Chase flirts with the shopgirl.  There’s a few great shots of State Street and Michigan Avenue in the 80’s, and a few quickies inside the old Marshall Field’s.


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  1. And Marshall Field’s is not the only vanished department store brand with visible relics in the vicinity. From just across the street from this view, at the southeast corner of State and Randolph, a Boston Store logo (closed in the late 1940’s) can still be seen on an equipment tower atop Sears on State. In this shot, it would probably be just out of frame to the upper right.

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