Burberry Flagship’s Flag Flagging

We hear from our Gold Coast Spy that things have been going gangbusters at the new flagship Burberry Store (633 North Michigan Avenue) since it opened earlier this month.  This is good news, since we also hear that Burberry is in a hurry to make back the $10 million it spent on the five-story retail experience, putting the 75 new sales people under extraordinary pressure, even by Gold Coast standards.

But while things are going great inside, things aren’t quite perfect outside.

Twice we’ve spotted crews trying to fix the Burberry signs on the shiny new facade.  It’s hard to tell from the photos sent in by our Gold Coast Spy, but something’s not right.  We’ve heard from two people on this, one saying that the letters aren’t “sticking.”  But it seems unlikely that mere adhesive would be used to adhere the letters to the building.

Still, if letters coming off the exterior are the worst thing happening at the Burberry store, then it can probably be deemed a successful opening.

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