▶ Smoking Hot Models: The Light-Up Lakeshore East [Video]

Lakeshore East model

Magellan Development, the people behind the downtown architectural Disneyland that is Lakeshore East, have this wonderful model of their project that gets updated as more and more buildings go up.

Sure, lots of companies have little models of their buildings.  But this one’s different — it lights up!

The completed buildings are illuminated from inside, and the effect is really nice.

Here’s the best part — We took these pictures of the model in Magellan’s sales office, not the sort of place most people are likely to go.  But now it’s been moved and is visible to the public.

BKL architecture has moved its offices into Magellan’s Aqua building (225 North Columbus Drive), and also taken custody of the model.  In doing so, they’ve given it its own room right next to a public alley where lots of people walk each day.

If you’d like to see it, head down the driveway between Aqua and the Engine Company 13 firehouse (259 North Columbus Drive) and you’ll see the model on the right side when you get behind the Swissôtel’s conference center.  You can also peer into BKL’s inner workings and see the architects hard at work.  Instead of cubicles like we’ve seen at AS+GG and Perkins + Will, BKL’s employees work at long benches, like a Chinese iPhone assembly line.

Now, here’s the interesting question — Since the model is now in BKL’s offices, and BKL designed the latest Lakeshore East tower, The Coast (345 East Wacker Drive), as well as the new private school, does that mean that BKL will continue to design the rest of the LSE buildings?  Inquiring minds want to know, since there are slots for at least five more skyscrapers at Lakeshore East.


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