Smoking Hot Models: Lakeshore East Goes Blue

bKL - Chicago, Illinois - February, 2013 - 032a

A few months ago, we brought you Smoking Hot ModelsSM: The Light-Up Lakeshore East.  The photos of that candy-colored miniature were taken when the display was in the hands of Magellan Development.  As noted in that article, the model is now in the hands of bKL Architecture, which has placed it on public display in the windows of its office in Aqua at 225 North Columbus Drive.

bKL has also taken the flavor out of the buildings.  Instead of being a carnival of electric skyscrapers, they’re now a unified symphony of sedate blue.

If you haven’t been by to see it lately, just head down the alley between Aqua and the Engine Company 13 firehouse (259 North Columbus Drive).  It’s on your right, just past the Swissôtel conference center.

bKL - Chicago, Illinois - February, 2013 - 033a

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