New Video Walls Liven Up the Fairmont Chicago


Fairmont Chicago

Fairmont Chicago

The Fairmont Chicago (200 North Columbus Drive ) is a nice enough hotel.  But let’s face it — the outside is unremarkable.  It is a beige-ish stone facade on a street lined with other beige-ish and black stone facades.  And these days where people often decide where to stay based on a hotel’s outside, rather than its inside, a hotel needs to stand out.

The Fairmont is now doing that.

It has installed a two-sided video wall in the center of its cul-de-sac driveway.

The screens are irregularly shaped and mounted on a structure that resembles a forest of metal reeds.

But these screens are art, not signs.  Signs would require lots of permits and potentially raise the hackles of the neighbors.  For signage, the Fairmont will stick with its current logos — once placed high above North Columbus Drive where no one will see it, and another camouflaged in the main entrance’s canopy, where people will also fail to notice it.

Instead of visually screaming “Fairmont,” the signs present a slideshow of city scenes.  The Tribune Tower, the skyline, Millennium Park, etc…  It’s the sort of harmless viewing you see on all those tiny screens when boarding a plane.

We couldn’t find any information about the artist who created it, but we’ve e-mailed the Fairmont’s PR department for information.  Until they get back to us, if you know anything about it, please share in the space below.

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