▶ Chicago’s Bridges Yawn and Stretch After a Long Winter’s Slumber [Video]

Columbus Drive Bridge

As warmer days become more common, the city that is Chicago yawns and stretches, shaking off its winter cloak and rubbing the crusty bits out of its eyes.

Leading this effort is CDOT, the Chicago Department of Transportation which is systematically going through the city and making sure all of the movable bridges still move OK, scraping off the crust and cruft where necessary.

This is the Columbus Drive bridge over the main branch of the Chicago River.  CDOT put it through its paces a few days ago.

Chicago’s drawbridges work year-round, as evidenced by the new Wells Street Bridge, which was floated into place on a barge last month.  But the busy season is right around the corner as thousands of cargo of fright and tourists are ferried up and down the waterway.

Columbus Drive Bridge

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