Construction Update
73 East Lake

73 East Lake Street

One of our Loop Spies sent in new photos of the construction progress at 73 East Lake Street.  The building’s slender tower is really climbing quickly these days and has passed the height of the neighboring Lake-Michigan Building (180 North Michigan Avenue).  In addition, you can see in Loop Spy’s photos that a few rows of glass have been put in place in the residential portion of the building.  Progress!

RMK hopes to open the 42-story building by this time next year.

Speaking of the Lake-Michigan Building, we were doing some research about six months ago and you wouldn’t believe how much history is tied to that place.  Someday we’ll write the article it deserves.  Until then, here’s a little piece of trivia: Several of the upper floors of the building are not attached to the rest of the structure.  They float on a cushion to minimize noise and vibrations from the rest of the city.

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