Construction Update
111 West Wacker

111 West Wacker under construction

111 West Wacker under construction

The skyscraper formerly known as the Waterview Tower, and formerly known as abandoned, is once again reaching for the sky.

Now christened 111 West Wacker, the hard work of transforming the top of a 25-story parking garage into a platform to support an apartment tower is complete.  Now the tower, itself, is rising above the Chicago River.

You may remember that this was going to be a 92-story hotel and condominium tower, but construction stopped when the money dried up in the recession.  Then friends-of-the-blog, Related Midwest, bought the unfinished shell, reconfigured the top giving it a more modest 55 stories, and re-started construction.

The architect tells us that the building should grow quickly now that the hard part is done.  When it’s done, it should be about the same height as the building next door, 77 West Wacker, which reaches 668 feet over 50 stories.

77 West Wacker and 111 West Wacker under construction

77 West Wacker and 111 West Wacker under construction


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