More West Loop Infill: Another Residential Block to Replace a Surface Parking Lot

Drawing of 601 West Jackson

Another surface parking lot in the West Loop is going to become history.

JeffJack Investments wants to build an 15-story building on the southwest corner of West Jackson Boulevard and South Jefferson Street. For now, the building is just using its street address as a name: 601 West Jackson.

Designed by Chicago’s Thomas Roszak Architecture, the L-shaped building will have 198 apartments over 6,500 square feet of retail space and 139 parking spaces. The exterior is envisioned as a cube with an adjacent plane, with the cube covered in a white grid and the plane in white horizontal stripes and randomly-spaced green vertical stripes.

The visible height (to the top floor) is 154 feet, nine inches, with an ultimate height of 167 feet, five inches. That’s about 37 feet taller than its next door neighbor, 328 South Jefferson, and taller than most nearby buildings except for 545 West Quincy, at 224 feet.

Loading docks and access to the parking garage would be from the north-south alley just to the west of the building, and the lobby placed at the northeast corner of the building.

The common areas are on the roof of the parking garage, which will be landscaped, and also on the penthouse level, which features quite a lot of outdoor space, a yoga room, gym, conference rooms, theater, party room, and what looks like a plunge pool instead of a proper pool.

The project is still in its very early stages, so certain hard facts aren’t available yet, like an anticipated completion date. For a project of this size in this location it should be a pretty easy sell to the city and most of the neighbors. It ticks all the right boxes in terms of curb cuts, loading access, and “green” features. Assuming that financing is already in place, we can see construction starting next spring. We’ll keep you updated.

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