Friday Photos: June 28, 2013

Here is a sample of some of the great photos you and your neighbors have taken around Chicago in the last week or so, as shared in our Chicago Architecture photo pool on Flickr.

More than 200 people across the city are members of the pool and we’d love to see your pictures, too.  Just follow this link to our photo pool on Flickr.  If you’re not already a Flickr member, signing up is quick, easy and free.

landing at o'hare (2nd plane landing with us).
© clarkmaxwell

Orange Clouds
© vonderauvisuals

CNA Building
© vonderauvisuals

The sky is the limit
© vonderauvisuals

St. Joseph the Betrothed Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
© Zol87

Lightning Storm
© vonderauvisuals

Copyright Information

We take copyright very seriously here at the Chicago Architecture Blog.  After all, we’re photographers, too.  We do not post pictures to Photo Friday from Flickr that are marked All Rights Reserved or Non Commercial only, unless we receive specific permission from the photographer.  Even if the photographer has added those photos to our photo pool.  This policy helps us avoid misunderstandings.  If you’re a photographer who has contributed to our pool and would like to see your work showcased in Photo Friday, just drop us a line and we’ll add you to our “cleared” list.

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